Magnificent Ships: Volume 1

Magnificent Ships: Volume 1 for Windows

Magnificent Ships: Volume 1 - Explore six fantastic vessels in amazing detail

Harness the power of Virtual Reality to explore these incredible sea-going

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  • Smooth vessel navigation
  • Highly detailed recreation of original


  • Only exterior views available due to very high detail being used. Interior inclusion would demand unrealistic resources
  • Only six vessels included at present

Harness the power of Virtual Reality to explore these incredible sea-going

VR Headsets bring model vessels to life with this clever app!

Model ship enthusiasts will love this clear and detailed journey around six well-loved sea-going craft. Use your VR headset to explore all external areas of each vessel and control day/night angles throughout the event. Slowly move across the deck and around onboard armouries, and control action event features such as rocket launching, the sounding of horns and diving (for submersibles). All views are available in room and full-scale mode with the ability for the user to lift and turn the vessel to explore in greater detail. The featured models sit proudly on an attractively presented ocean setting which is beautifully rendered for a high quality experience, while sun and moon shadows are lovingly reproduced. The following models are featured within the app: Crude oil tanker: ABQ-AIQ Iowa class battleship: USS Iowa (BB-61) English “race built” galleon (fictional): The Mermaid Ocean liner: RMS Queen Mary Zumwalt class destroyer: USS Zumwalt (DDG-1000) Seawolf class submarine: USS Jimmy Carter (SSN-23)

Easy to use with amazing details

Great experience for avid collectors/hobbyists where user can view all the vessels in 360 degrees. Vessels lovingly recreated and presented.

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Magnificent Ships: Volume 1


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